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Here at Villa Serena, we serve three fresh and delicious meals every day in our beautiful dining room. We want our Residents to look forward to every meal, and our culinary team prepares each meal with this in mind to give our Residents an exceptional culinary experience. Our community has two new recipes for every meal, so our Residents can enjoy new and exciting dishes, but we also have a selection of classic favorites that are always available to make sure that there is always a great option for every meal. Our food is always freshly prepared from scratch by our talented culinary team for the healthiest and most delicious meals.

While our meals vary from day-to-day and what is in season, traditionally, our breakfasts consist of eggs, hashbrown potatoes, toast, a choice of beverage, and a fresh protein.  Lunch comes with a delicious green salad, a freshly-made bread roll, and a choice from two original entrée. There is also a soup station with a fresh soup each day. We also offer fresh fruit with jello or cottage cheese and other dessert options. For dinner, our Residents enjoy a hot soup, a delicious entrée, fresh fruit and ice cream. Our Residents look forward to choosing a fresh treat from our dessert cart, such as a freshly baked cookie, Jello, ice cream and many other options. All of our meals are served in our beautiful and comfortable dining room restaurant-style. For holidays and community events, our culinary team helps us celebrate these special occasions with an extra special meal for the community. These commonly include a deluxe buffet, delicious desserts and other unique offerings. 


While we offer meal delivery to our Resident's apartments, our Residents enjoy eating in our dining room and the fellowship that comes with sharing a good meal with friends and loved ones.

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