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Emil, G.

I love my home here at Villa Serena. I would give 5 stars across the board. The food has been great, the management is fantastic and all of the dining room and housekeeping staff have been very helpful and accommodating. I love that I feel like I’m still in my own home and not a hotel. I'm very happy.

Gina Loa

My parents moved here about a year ago and we are still very happy and content with this residence. My parents love how diverse this community is and all of the activities they have to offer. The grounds are gorgeous and they love to sit at the duck pond in the evenings and enjoy the outdoors without feeling cooped up. Their apartment is very spacious and cozy. They even have a kitchen which was almost impossible to find for their budget. Our family gives this place 5 stars. It couldn't be any better.

Nancy Gray

We moved my mother in about a month ago and every day she calls to tell us how much she loves it. The staff are very accommodating and truly make you feel like family. Everything is as advertised! What our family really enjoyed was the beautiful grounds and duck pond that motivates her to get outside. She is always busy and is doing a great job of participating and getting involved. Would recommend this community!

Martha Frank

We just moved my mom in and she loves it! We chose this community over many others because the staff made us feel like family immediately. They also have kitchens which we couldn't seem to find anywhere. We would defiantly recommend place!

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